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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Manny! Manny! Manny!

Great win tonight vs. the Angels in Game 2. It was close the whole way, but Manny Ramirez ended things in the 9th inning with a walk-off 3-run homer on a ball that is still going (I think) over the Monstah Seats and into the Boston night. Sox win, 6-3, and head to Anaheim (excuse me, Los Angeles at Aneheim) with a 2-0 series lead. Life is good.

The night was made even sweeter by the Yankees' extra-innings loss to Cleveland. And those bugs!?? What was that about? I can't wait for the Yankee fans to complain about those bugs, as if the Cleveland players didn't have to play under the same conditions. And poor Joba Chamberlain giving up the tying run. Maybe he'll start getting some media attention now, because I really feel bad for the poor guy and his "under the radar" baseball career thus far.


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