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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Domo arigato, Mr. Henry

The Dice-Man cometh to Beantown. The Sox, after plunking down $51 million just to talk to Daisuke Matsuzaka (actually, it was $51 to talk to his agent, Scott Boras), the Sox came up with another $50 million to sign the Japanese phenom. But what’s $50 among friends. And if this guy lives up to his hype, it could be a good acquisition. He could be a mainstay in the Sox starting lineup for years to come, and I hope he is. But the whole situation is a little creepy. I mean, this is George Steinbrenner stuff, this shelling out of multi-million dollar contracts on guys who haven’t pitched in the bigs. I hope Dice-K (looks like that will be his nickname) lives up to his billing and wins 20 for the Sox for several years to come, but that is a ton of money. But hey, it’s not my money.


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