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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dice K is the real deal!!!

I know the guy has been under-publicized, but this Dice-K guy looks to be the real deal. He's heading to the 7th inning of an absolute gem over the Kansas City Royals in his Red Sox debut, and he looks terrific. Great command of the strike zone, and he seems to be getting the Royals to do exactly what he wants them to do -- the mark of a truly great pitcher. One mistake -- a solo home run by the Royals -- but otherwise a fantastic day. I just wish the press would give this guy some attention.


Blogger rooseveltfarms said...

Jabin ---

Looking forward to meeting you and catching the Philly's game with you, David M, Keith, and I in June.

I like your posts on the Dice-K. The guy does not get enough press, who is he?

The Sox look real good this year and the Yanks pitching staff and Rivera are all tanking or getting hurt.

4:13 PM


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