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Friday, October 19, 2007


Just when they needed it, the Sox got a dominating (DOMINATING!) performance from Josh Beckett tonight in Game 5 vs. Cleveland. Beckett was absolutely masterful, and didn't allow the Indians even a whiff of a chance of success. He even got in Kenny Lofton's face when Lofton thought a strike was a ball and dropped his bat. Beckett wouldn't have any of it, and yelled something at Lofton after he popped up. Lofton then had a few words back to Beckett (I don't think they were trading recipes) as he headed for the dugout. Pretty soon the umpire was out, both benches emptied, and the bullpens came charging in from right field. But it was a typical baseball fight -- lots of testosterone, no punches thrown, and cooler heads prevail in the end.

The Fox broadcasters were livid with Manny Ramirez for not legging out what *he thought* was a home run - on a play where Papi scored all the way from first base, Manny ended up standing on first and calling for time out. They make a good point, but they also fail to realize that every citizen of Red Sox Nation will take this behavior from Manny. What we casually chalk up as "Manny Being Manny" is actually some pretty flaky and sometimes poor behavior that, by anyone else, would probably get you disciplined or fined by your coach. But with Manny, people just shake their heads and say, "That's Manny." Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the guy can hit the cover off the ball, consistently, and hardly ever comes up small when his team needs him. Just maybe.


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