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Friday, June 20, 2008

Sox in Philly

Had the rare treat of seeing the Sox in person twice this week as they were in town to play an inter-league game against the Phillies. My "Sox Curse" is officially over, as they split the two games I saw (they used to always lose when I went in person, but lately they've been winning a lot more games when I'm there -- probably because they've been winning a lot more games lately, period, but let me have my fantasies). I had the unbelievable privilege of seeing Jon Lester pitch on Tuesday night, and wow! He's just got unbelievable stuff. With the movement on his fastball, it's no wonder he pitched a no-hitter. He baffled the Phils for seven shutout innings, and then Okajima and Papelbon finished up (textbook stuff).

Sad news this morning that Schilling is going to have season-ending and possibly career-threatening shoulder surgery. I can't say as I'm surprised by this, as I never counted on him pitching this year. If it is truly the end of his career, he will go down in history as one of the most clutch postseason pitchers of all time (I'm including his work with the Phillies in '93 as well as his stint with the D-Backs). But his performance in 2004 and the 'bloody sock' is the stuff of legends, appropriately so in Red Sox nation. Sure, he can be a self-centered jerk, and it's all about him, but the guy could sure as heck pitch. Isn't that what it's all about for the fans? With apologies to Mitch Williams, I'll take the mouth and the personality as long as you can bring it like he did every fifth day.


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