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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Can we play 162 games against the O's?

The streak vs. the Baltimore Orioles reached 13 tonight with a nice ‘team’ win. Schilling was a bit shaky, but got the job done, and Papelbon came in in the ninth to slam the door. Meanwhile Manny and Trot both went yard, and the Sox came back after blowing an early lead with Big Papi delivering a key blow in the 6th.

But the highlight (for me) was a play by Alex Gonzalez in the ninth inning. He went deep in the hole to field a ball hit by the O’s Nick Markakis, and made a quick throw to get the guy by a step at first. Not the kind of play that shows up on the highlights, but I bet Papelbon sure appreciated it. Just a tremendous glove, and an underrated shortstop.

So, we go for No. 14 in a row tonight in Baltimore.


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