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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Theo McArthur says: "I shall return."

Well, they made it official today. The Sox announced that Theo Epstein is returning to his position as General Manager, the post he vacated in a gorilla suit in October. Only with the Red Sox, huh? This is great news, and I'm glad that everyone was able to put their egos in check long enough to get this done. Red Sox Nation rejoices.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Coco Crisp???

Rumor has it that the Sox have reached a trade agreement with Cleveland for Coco Crisp (pending the Tribe's deal with the Phillies for Jason Michaels). I hope this is true, but we'll see. I wonder what the over/under is on bad breakfast cereal puns surrounding this poor guy? What was he thinking with this nickname, or what were his parents thinking if it's his real name? Anyway, the rumors surrounding Crisp coming to the Sox have been around since our former centerfielder signed with the Yankees, but I sure hope this time it's coming true. Also looks like they are in the final stages of acquiring SS Alex Gonzalez. If both of these things are true, it's been a good day. Stay tuned.

Someone get me a tissue

I know I said I wouldn't mention his name again, but I'm going to link to an article about our former centerfielder. When will rich ballplayers get it through their heads that whining after taking a $52 million contract over a $40 million contract is not going to win you too many hearts with the fans? Screw him!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Take the cannoli ... leave the gorilla suit

He's baaaaack. Theo Epstein returned to the Red Sox today in a capacity that will be announced next week. The Sox released a terse statement on Friday.

So few are the times when I tell my wife something, and I turn out to be right (just ask her). Well, when Theo donned a gorilla suit and snuck out of Fenway to end his tenure as GM, I told my wife, "I don't know, I have a feeling he'll be back." I then started to see the same rumors appear in print and online, and I had the rare feeling of thinking that I might not be full of shit. Well, now it's happened. I think A LOT of people thought Theo would be back, so I'm not claiming to be some genius or anything, because it just felt right. Nobody liked the way he left, and everyone thought his tenure was too short. He will be the GM again, it's just a matter of time. I'll be interested to see what they announce next week about his duties, but whether de facto or not, Theo will soon be pulling the strings for the Sox again.

And it's about damn time. Here's my Top 10 list (well, not really 10) of things Theo or whoever is pulling the strings needs to do to get the Red Sox ready for the 2006 season:

10. Sign a centerfielder
9. Sign a shortstop
8. If not accomplished, repeat Step 10
7. If not accomplished, repeat Step 9
6. You're still here? Get on the phone
5. Yes, Omar Moreno was good, but he played for the '79 Pirates
4. No, Cal Ripken Jr. is not coming out of retirement
3. Are you still not getting this?
2. Sign a centerfielder
1. Sign a shortstop

Friday, January 13, 2006

Exit Millar, Enter Tavares

Exchanged Emails today with a fellow resident of the Nation about one Julian Tavares, who the Sox signed for middle relief, assuming Keith Foulke comes back to his 2004 form. I defended young Julian and his supposed flakiness (hitting your fist and doing damage after a bad pitching performance is classic "head case" stuff), but then I read that Kevin Millar signed with the Orioles. Not that the two moves are in any way related, but it got me to thinking. Millar is out (he was really out months ago, to be fair), and Tavares is in. Is that a good swap of players, from a personality standpoint? Millar was the author of "Cowboy Up" during the Red Sox 2003 playoffs, and his now-famous (to me) carefree attitude after falling behind 3-0 to the Evil Empire in 2004 ("Don't let us win tonight, boy, don't let us win tonight...") will never be forgotten. In many ways, Millar symbolized the 2004 'idiots' just as much, if not more, than that centerfielder whose name will no longer appear in this blog (please, don't make me say it, the former long-haired gentleman). For that, I will miss him. Sure, Millar's bat tailed off in 2005, and I couldn't believe it when he was booed on one of my visits to Fenway, but you have to wonder how the 2004 team would have been -- mentally, at least -- without him. Plus, when that guy connected, man, he connected. He had a very sweet home run swing over the monster when he was on (see picture), and I will miss that.
So this off-season continues to be a depressing one. We have no shortstop to speak of (Cora?), and the guy they have penciled in in centerfield (Adam Stern) has a total of 15 major league at bats in his career. His CAREER. I don't care how many GMs the Sox have or who is really pulling the strings, somebody make a move! The Nation is waiting.