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Monday, December 12, 2005

The Rocket, Part Deux?

The rumor mill is buzzing with news that the Sox have been in touch with the agents for Roger Clemens (newspapers have quoted Larry Lucchino confirming it, so I guess it's not much of a rumor anymore). To me, this is the definition of "mixed emotions." Now hear me out on this one.

I LOVED Roger Clemens when he pitched for the Sox. The year he had in 1986 still makes me shake my head in amazement. The guy just mowed people down like they were mannequins. He was untouchable. And I'll never forget the 20-strikeout night against Seattle. However, the way he left town and suddenly got 'healthy' when with the Blue Jays, not to mention the fact that he suited up in freakin' pinstripes (!!!!) makes me, I don't know, not love him so much. In fact, I've hated Roger Clemens for the past few years. Even when he came out of retirement for Houston, I didn't really care about him, but any thoughts I had of him were negative because of the Yankee days. Now what the heck am I supposed to think?

First of all, as nice as it is to think about the days of old and how great they were, the Roger Clemens of 2006 is NOT the Roger Clemens of 1986. Not that there was any doubt about that, but just to be clear. But, he's had a couple of decent years in Houston, so he's not exactly done yet, either. What to do, what to think?

But then it hit me. The Yankees have called his agents as well. That tears it! I want him wearing Red Sox in 2006, not pinstripes. Let's get this done, GM by committee or whatever we're calling ourselves this week. Stay tuned, because this thing is going to play out until January.

No word yet on conversations between the Red Sox and Calvin Schiraldi's people.


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