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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Kapler released

The Sox added six players to their 40-man roster yesterday, and released Gabe Kapler yesterday. I will miss him. Kapler was a nice utility player for the Sox, and perhaps more than anything, he was a member of the 2004 team, and will thus forever be enshrined in a special place in my heart. But I think perhaps the biggest thing I'll remember about Kapler is that he may be the first -- and last -- player to be injured while rounding the bases in a home run trot.
On Sept. 14 this year, Kapler was on first base when Tony Graffanino homered. As Kapler rounded second base, he collapsed in pain. Diagnosis: ruptured Achilles' tendon, season over. Definitely one of the weirdest things you'll ever see watching a baseball game.

Among the new additions to the roster are Jon Lester -- the Minor League Pitcher of the Year -- right-hand pitchers Jesus Delgado, Harvey Garcia, and David Pauley, as well as outfielders David Murphy and Brandon Moss. I hope Delgado eventually works his way into a closer role, setting up the most obvious headline pun ever -- "Jesus Saves."

Still no general manager, although they are interviewing David Wilder -- no relation to Gene -- from the White Sox front office. Stay tuned.


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