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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Et Tu, Tony???

Poor Tony Graffanino.

You gotta feel bad for the guy. Rarely can you ever point to one play, by one guy, that completely cost a team a game like that. The broadcasters were making comparisons to Bill Buckner (who didn't see that coming?), but I don't think this is going to define Graffanino's career or anything, like unfortunately it did with Billy Buck. Tony even made an effort to make go from goat to hero with a nice double in the ninth, but was left stranded.

So down 2-0 and heading back to Fenway. It's easy to lose hope, and it really doesn't matter what I think, but the Sox know they can come back from this. They don't need to look back too far in their history to see that. You know Kevin Millar is keeping the clubhouse loose, and I'm sure the references to last year are flying. Still a pulse. Still a pulse.


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