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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mad Props to the White Sox

OK, so this American League domination of the World Series is getting a little ridiculous. Do you realize that the AL has won eight straight World Series games? That's right, after the Red Sox and White Sox back-to-back sweeps, the last time the NL won a WS game was in 2003, when the Florida Marlins won a Game 6 clincher against the Evil Empire. Unbelievable.

But the White Sox really deserved this title. They were a strong team, and they peaked at the right time during the postseason. They were nothing short of dominating. I thought Houston was a great team (and I *thought* they were peaking as well, although I was wrong), but the White Sox just decimated them. They found different ways to win ballgames, and that's always the sign of a good team.

In other news, a few points:

  • The Red Sox need to pay Theo. Today it looks like they are getting close. After negotiations reportedly broke off earlier in the week, both Theo and Larry Lucchino described talks today as "fruitful." That's a good sign. Sure, he may be over the hill as a GM and it's probably time for him to retire, but I think the Sox can squeeze another 40 years or so out of Theo.
  • I live in Philadelphia, and all the talk lately about the Phillies opening at GM has centered on Brian Cashman (it doesn't anymore). The local media was all aflutter about what a wonderful GM Cashman is. Now I admit my bias here (or haven't you been paying attention), but please! Give me $200 million to spend, and even a pinhead like me can build a competitive baseball team. The Yankees needed pitching in the offseason last year. Cashman signed Randy Johnson and Carl Pavano! Where did Cashman come up with that brilliant move? That's not brain surgery, that's called spending George's money! So can we please get some perspective and call BS on this Cashman talk. Give Billy Beane $200 million in payroll and just imagine the juggernaut he would build. Or Theo. And just remember, with all that money in the Bronx, their last title was in 2000. Where's your genius now?
  • Manny wants to talk. I read those words today and a big smile crossed my face. I really thought he was gone, and he may still be, but the fact that Manny wants to sit down and talk about the Sox future is a very good sign. As I said, I think the odds are still against him coming back, but I'll take any chance at this point of keeping him in Beantown.
  • How many days is it until pitchers and catchers report?


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