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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Yankees asking for forfeit

Random thoughts as I catch up on the 2004 season (Hey, I only started this thing in September '04):

The fact that the Yankees asked Major League Baseball for a forfeit victory over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays earlier this month, to me, spoke volumes about the class of this organization. The Devil Rays had trouble getting out of Tampa Bay during a hurricane (shame on them!), and showed up late for a scheduled double-header at Yankee Stadium. Instead of understanding this, the Yankees allowed president Randy Levine to give an on-the-field interview where he said (I'm paraphrasing): "The rules clearly state that if a team is ready to play, and the other team does not show up ready to play, that a forfeit should be awarded."

Major League Baseball, thankfully, laughed at the request, and the next day the Yankees tried to re-write history by saying they 'withdrew' the request. That's like if I say to you "Can I have a million dollars?" You say, "No!." I say: "OK, I withdraw my request."

Why someone in the Yankees PR office didn't tackle Levine on the field before he could give that interview is beyond me, but it shows where this organization is coming from. Win at all costs, no matter the circumstances, even if you end up looking like weasels. I think the fact that they had recently seen a 10 1/2 game leader over the Red Sox reduced to 3 1/2, as well as a decimated pitching staff, might have had something to do with their motiviation. Whatever the reason, it was a humorous little window in the Yankee organization's soul.


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