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Friday, September 24, 2004

Why the Yankees suck, Part 1 of many

If you're a Yankee fan, move along. This blog is intended solely for the inhabitants of Red Sox Nation (or "The Nation" if you prefer). In order to be a member of the Nation, you must be a fan of the Boston Red Sox baseball club (presumably that was obvious, but there may be some Yankee fans watching, so I have to talk s - l - o - w - l - y.

I've lost track of the reasons why I hate the Yankees, but some of them are:

1. George Steinbrenner
2. Derek Jeter's arrogance
3. Bucky $#%**%^ Dent
4. Aaron (**&%#$ Boone
5. George Steinbrenner
6. Their fans

More on No. 6 later, but let's just say that I think Yankee fans are about the worst in the world. Yes, that may also be an obvious statement from a Red Sox fan (as well as a generalization). But most Yankee fans are such fair-weather fans, it makes me ill. Where were these people in the 80's when the Yankees sucked. Red Sox fans have consistently supported their club, and (after much suffering) will deserve the World Championship that is coming in 2004.


Anonymous Supergirl said...

Them's fighting words Bucko! The Yankees rule, you farging bastige!
Love your friend,

2:52 PM


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